Welcome to Circuits At Home. My name is Oleg and on this site I blog about various topics related to electronics and micro controller firmware design. I am talking about my designs ( both completed and incomplete ), as well as how I design, build, and troubleshoot.

I have been on and off electronics design for more than 20 years, in Russia and the United States. My main areas of expertise are microcontrollers (primarily Microchip PICs), measurement, and power supplies. My current interests include wireless communications, home automation sensors, as well as solar-powered circuits and robotics.

Some time ago I started thinking about ways to improve quality of software code and hardware circuits that I produce. Over the years, I learned very powerful problem-solving technique called “confessional method of debugging”. It consists of simply explaining your problem to somebody – the problem, initially short-circuited in you brain, gets solved, magically, by rerouting through communication center, leaving the brain via the mouth and entering it again through the ears . Then I found out that writing works even better than speaking. Then I thought “What would happen if I design something and write about it at the same time. That should work like confessional debugging and be useful to someone working on similar issue”. That’s how the idea of this site was born.

Here is my Google Plus profile. I’m also posting small bits in Makers, hackers, artists & engineers community.