GitHub repository for USB protocol traces

Beagle Analyzer USB hub  trace

Beagle Analyzer USB hub trace

I’m the proud owner of Totalphase Beagle USB 480 protocol analyzer. It helps tremendously in debugging USB code and the software which translates binary traces into human-readable form is free allowing sharing the trace files. Some time ago I needed to capture and share analyzer traces of certain Bluetooth dongles with developers of USB Host Shield 2.0 library. Instead of sharing the traces privately I decided instead to put them into another GitHub repo for everyone to see and learn.

At the moment, the repository contains just a handful of Bluetooth traces, captured on Windows and Linux machines. I will be expanding the repo with other interesting traces generated during my development. Also, if anyone wants a trace from a device not already in the repo – just ask.


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  • ulao

    Do you have any experience with a ps3 usb pad? I want to decipher the byes in the feature report.
    byte [0] = 0x21; //hid device
    byte [1] = 0x26;
    byte [2] = 0x01;
    byte [3] = 0x07; //controller type 07 pad 05 drums.
    byte [4] = 0x00;
    byte [5] = 0x00;
    byte [6] = 0x00;
    byte [7] = 0x00;

    What I really want to know is how the PS3 handles report IDs. If I set a controller usb device to a report ID of 1 the PS3 replies on 0x0301 feature report ID 1 ( instead of 0). Though my reply seems to fial even if included a report ID byte in front.