Building Google ADK hardware from standard components

Soon after Google ADK announcement it was discovered that $300 Arduino-based ADK hardware kit (out of stock at the time of this writing) is not really necessary; the same functionality can be achieved with standard Arduino board and USB Host Shield. Today, one of the developers sent me a link to GoogleADK – site, which explains how to build Google ADK hardware from standard components and use it.

The site shows how USB Host Shield looks like when all headers are soldered in place. It also has Get Started page which gives step-by-step instructions on installing necessary software components on Linux box. Word of caution – the link on this page points to the product page of old rev.1.xx shield, even though all pictures show the current rev.2.0 one.

At present, the site is pretty lean but it is a good start nevertheless. I will be monitoring it to see if any new content would come up. Arduino-Android tandem offers very interesting capabilities and I’m hoping to see many cool Android-based projects soon.

5 comments to Building Google ADK hardware from standard components

  • The_YongGrand

    Dear Oleg,

    Thanks for the blog post. Right now I’m learning how to interface stuff with my Samsung Galaxy phone. I’m not sure whether my phone would support that, but all I know from my web-surfing is, it’s not a USB-host for sure.

    I happened to have a USB Host Shield from Sparkfun, and will try these examples.


  • Chris

    Thanks for the help. I put one together with a Mega, and have been able to drive the RGB LED, 2 servos, and take input from a button. In my research, it appears that only the Nexus One or Nexus S with Gingerbread 2.3.4 will work. I fortunately have a Nexus One that I’ve got it working with. Next step is temperature and light sensors, then the demo is done and it’s on to finding a real project to build. Thanks again.


  • Woody


    Thanks for the blog post, it’s awesome to know that google is using the arduino platform on his ADK.
    I saw many references to your USB Host shield in the google ADK site, congratulations man. I bet you are proud with the result of all your hard work, fantastic job!

    Do you have any plans to produce the ADK Shield? I know it’s a simple test board but seems to be that there is no one selling it right now (not even on ebay)

    Thanks again,
    Woody (from a far far far far away country called Brazil)

  • Hi!

    It seems that the getting started link is down ( Has it moved to another location? Pls tell me!

    Best regards,
    Björn Karpenstein

  • jil

    Björn, I guess Google has pressed the author(s) to close the site. I don’t know if it’s because of the name or the content. They even cleared it from