Digital camera control from Arduino-hosted webpage

I found this little video while looking for ideas for my digital camera controller. There is also project description and summary page. Device consists of Arduino board mated with Asynclabs WiShield controlling shutter release of SLR camera via cable release port. Arduino runs TCP/IP stack and Web server while access to pre-focus, time interval and other settings is done via web browser on an iPod. In addition, it is possible to release shutter using signal from proximity sensor or even set conditions based on states of different Arduino pins.

The web interface is well designed – watch this little movie and see it for yourself. There is also a demo page, where you can play with controller functions. The “Adm” page is my favourite. I’m looking forward to see the code, which author is going to publish soon.

1 comment to Digital camera control from Arduino-hosted webpage

  • John


    Great practical use for a WiShield and maybe also in combination of a USB Host Shield.
    I now ordered also a USB Host Shield, can’t wait to get my hands on that, a WiShield I already own.
    Don’t know if any hard mods need to be made to get both shields working in conjunction with each other.
    Probably yes b’cos they both use the SPI bus so it is in need of a extra SS (select) pin.
    Would be nice to also make something like a WFT-option but probably to slow for any practical use but still nice to try!
    Are you willing to share your code?