Wireless Xbox360 controller support for USB Host 2.0 library

Wireless Xbox360 code

Wireless Xbox360 code

[EDIT] Four simultaneous controllers are now confirmed to work [/EDIT]
This is a short announcement of another nice contribution to the USB Host 2.0 library code. Kristian Lauszus from TKJ Electronics announced release of wireless Xbox360 controller support for USB Host 2.0 library; up until now only wired Xboxen were supported.

As announced, up to 4 controllers are supported, however, only one has been tested so far. If you have (or can borrow) multiple Xbox controllers, please help Kristian test his code.


5 comments to Wireless Xbox360 controller support for USB Host 2.0 library

  • Dear Oleg Mazurov

    We used the USB Host library for managing a Wireless Xbox controller. It works almost fine except that objects USB and XBOXRECV must be declared as global variable. It prevents us from writing clean codes. Do you have any idea from where the problem comes from ?

    Best regards,


  • Vikram

    Been having a little trouble with the polling of my wireless controller. I have it connected and working but there are some performance differences between the wired and wireless versions. The wired version continuously updates the values on the controller, but the wireless version only updates when a change in state is detected. For instance, on the wired controller, if I move the joysticks around quickly the x and y values update continuously. With the wireless controller it seems like they only update slowly and sometimes not at all. Sometimes they only update when another event occurs like a button press. Any ideas?

    • Are you doing anything besides reading the Xbox controller?
      If you are not calling Usb.Task() frequently you might get outdated data or some data might even get lost.

  • Jeff Grills

    Does anyone know if the XBox Wireless Receiver can be driven from the 3.3V version, or will I need the 5V to power the receiver?