TQFP-80 breakout board for Microchip PICs.

Populated PIC-80 breakouts

Populated PIC-80 breakouts

A year ago, I needed to prototype a design which used PIC18F8722. It’s a nice microcontroller with plenty of ROM, RAM, and peripherals. It comes in 80 pin 0.5mm pitch TQFP package. To use it in prototyping, I designed breakout board which holds the micro, crystal, and filter and decupling capacitors. With time, I changed the layout to accommodate other PICs in the same package and recently made a variant which takes any 80-pin PIC in TQFP-80 package in production, at the time of this writing. This includes:

  • older PIC18Fs
  • newer J-series PIC18s
  • “Classic” dsPIC30
  • J-series dsPICs
  • PIC24s

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