C@H Google Plus community has been created

G+ Community Screenshot

G+ Community Screenshot

The comment system on this site leaves much to be desired. Formatting is non-existent, attachments are not supported, and most importantly, spam-reducing features are very basic leaving the bulk of spam processing to yours truly. At the same time, about 75% of human commenters have address and therefore already have access to Google Plus. Given all that, creating a Google Plus community seems to be the right way to go.

At present, the community have no structure and there are almost no rules. All G+ functionality is present, including links and attachments. Self-promotion is allowed but spam is not. Pictures of your own (in)complete projects are much welcome.

Even though the built-in comments will stay in place for some time I encourage everybody to migrate to G+. This will allow better support, discussion, as well as idea exchange. I’m also hoping the spam will go down giving me more time to develop and share useful stuff.

Thank you for your attention!