RC car controlled by Wii Remote on Arduino

This is a quick post about another great project. Tomoyuki Tanaka AKA Tomo on this site, active in PS3 and Wiimote game controllers thread, AKA moyuchin on Youtube posted this little video of RC car controller made of Wiimote, Arduino Pro Mini and USB Host Shield Mini interfacing with Bluetooth dongle. Check out the video to see how speed, direction and steering controls have been implemented.

Tomoyuki also made the code available on github. The code is based on Richard Ibbotson’s popular Wiimote Bluetooth code, as well as my MAX3421E and USB Host libraries. The code is well organized and even has a brief documentation in README file. Further development is on the way – Tomo is planning to add ultrasonic sensor support, so keep an eye on this repo. Good job, Tomoyuki and thank you very much for sharing your outstanding work!