Next revision of USB Host Shield goes to production

A panel of rev.1.21 shields

A panel of rev.1.21 shields

I’ve been working lately on improving manufacturability of my products. As a first result, I’m changing board revision of USB Host Shield to 1.21. The main difference between revisions 1.0 and 1.21 is level converters and jumpers in SMT packages. Picture on the right shows the very first panel of rev.1.21 board fresh from the oven.

Functionally, the board is the same. However, schematic has changed a little in part where control signals go through level converters. Therefore, it is important to use the right schematic when troubleshooting or hacking the shield. Downloads section has been rearranged and documentation for both variants added and labeled. I also posted closeup pictures of new board in store listings for the shield and bare PCB. I still have several rev1.0 boards available, they should be all gone by the end of the week so when you buy a board this week, you may get an old version. If you have a preference, let me know.

Lastly, from now on USB Host Shields comes bundled with stackable headers, the famous 4uconn part numbers 18688 and 18689. “Bundled” here means that by default they come in a bag, un-soldered. However, if you prefer, I can solder them for you – send me an e-mail after the purchase stating that you’d like your headers soldered and indicate the direction, female or male side up.