Android ADK terminal emulator for Arduino

ADK Teminal

ADK Teminal

This is a little Android application providing basic terminal emulator functionality over ADK interface. Its primary purpose is to be able to use Android phone as laptop replacement while debugging Arduino projects in the field. It can also be used to provide simple alphanumeric display. Victor Serbo, my long time friend, helped develop this application. It can be downloaded from here and currently in beta – as soon as code stabilizes I will make source code available. [EDIT] The source code is now available. It is released under GPL2, if you modify it, please make your modifications available.[/EDIT]

When Arduino is connected to the phone via USB Host Shield, it can send characters to the application’s screen and receive characters typed on application’s keyboard. Standard CR and LF control codes are also recognized so it is possible to output, for example, single line with changing content. Additionally, the appearance and behaviour of the screen can be customized – font size and type, foreground and background colors, local echo, screen rotation and more. The app has been thoroughly tested on Nexus One and Nexus S phones and works well.

Two demo sketches has been posted to gitHub. The functionality of term_test can be seen on title picture – strings sent from Android are output back on the screen. The term_time sketch demonstrates single line output. Below is brief explanation of ways to provide input/output on Arduino. I’ll start with term_test; all necessary functionality is implemented in loop().

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