Playing Xbee. Part 4 – API.

Setting serial speed on Xbee module

Setting serial speed on Xbee module

Xbee module supports two modes of operation – transparent mode and API mode. To create simple point-to-point links, Xbee works nicely in transparent mode without much coding. However, if your goal is to build a network consisting of more than two devices, AT mode becomes too difficult to bear. You will spend almost all the time switching in and out of command mode, wasting time and draining batteries in the process. On the other hand, in API mode commands and data travel in specially formatted frames and no switching is necessary. Another advantage of API mode is that serial speed on transmitters doesn’t have to match – one can be configured for 115200bps, another for 2400bps, third left with default 9600bps. There is another nice feature called remote command; you can remotely request the state of Xbee module pins, for example, or change an output pin level. It means that for simple measuring and control applications no MCU is even necessary at the sensor.

API mode requires re-flashing module firmware and some extra coding on both sides of the link. I started with upgrading the firmware. Picture on the right shows X-CTU screen with serial speed drop-down expanded – along with loading API firmware I’m changing the speed of coordinator Xbee to 115200.

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