USB Host Shield for Arduino – first prototype.

Arduino USB Host Shield PCB

Arduino USB Host Shield PCB

While developing Arduino code for MAX3421E USB Host controller I was thinking about making a shield for it. Sure, breakout board riding on top of protoshield works just fine, however, some people don’t like the wire clutter. Additionally, since many Arduinos are 5V devices, level translation may be necessary. I was playing with different configurations, and routed a draft prototype to build and see how it would look like. I received PCBs today from BatchPCB – just in time before the weekend.

In addition to MAX3421E with accompanying parts, the shield contains level translating logic for all signals and GPIN/GPOUT ports, and 3.3V to 5V step-up and 5V to 3.3V step-down converters. I decided to use DIP packages for level translators – this way if translation is not necessary, the PCB can be simply modified with jumper wires.

I’m going to start building/debugging this board today and produce final version in 2-3 weeks. After that, the plan is to order a batch of boards, build them and send to beta testers. If you want to participate in testing, leave a comment and I’ll put you on a list.


4 comments to USB Host Shield for Arduino – first prototype.

  • Hi Oleg,

    Looks like your fine and well.
    Great news, I’d gladly participate in the beta-testing.

    Meanwhile I’ve got the NOKIA shield converted to run on 3.3V sitting on Seeeduino v1.2 and the new v2.12. But it doesn’t function together with your USB-breakout-board.
    The moment I connect VCC to 3.3V on Seeeduino the LCD turns off.
    I believe there is an issue with the master/slave configuration between the two and I am afraid that I am not able to figured it out myself.
    Would you mind helping me out on that one too, sometime?

    With kind regards, Hans.

  • Mark Johnson

    Мне очень нравится это!

    I would be happy to beta-test this board. I use RBBB Arduino, but I could get a Duemilanove to test the USB Host board.

  • Luis Montes de Oca

    Just wondering if you still have some of your initial prototypes.

    • I may have a couple of blank PCBs laying around – let me know if you are interested. I usually give populated prototypes to developers. If you have interesting project, e-mail me about it. If I like it, you’ll get a board.