Xbee microcontroller board.

Xbee PCB

Xbee PCB

After playing with Xbee connected to a PIC I decided to transfer the design from the protoboard to make it more pretty and compact. The following board contains Xbee connectors, PIC18F26K20, bypass caps and Vpp limiter to use with old programmers/debuggers. I wrote several articles describing the circuit and it’s capabilities, see “Related posts” for more information.

As usual, Eagle files are available from download section. The PIC code written for Xbee protoboard will work here with very little modification. This board is good as a base for more complex sensors which require MCU on-board.

I am working on several applications for this board and will be posting results here this summer.


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    You are very expert at Zigbee . I’m working on the project about PIC and Zigbee. I’m familiar with some applications of PIC. But I don’t know exactly how to transmit data from PIC to Zigbee, It’s very simple to you but quite strange to me. If you have any stuff to help me .Do you mind sending it to me through the above emails


    I mean that I need some document to support me setting up the nework among Zgibee modules. It’s much appriciated

  • Choe


    Just like Dat Dang, I’m also working on a group project that requires a PIC18 to talk with XBee Series 2 ZB. We will be designing a board so that 1 XBee can control 3 On-Off Plugs (Can this be done?) from a gateway. We’re planning to use API mode. I’m currently stuck at understanding ‘How can an XBee recognize which plug to send an instr to via the PIC?’. Sounds like I need to create a custom .py code. Can you help me with some advice and some leads?

  • Oleg,
    Do you have some extra PCBs for this project. If yes, I would be glad to purchase several from you.
    I am very interested in using Xbee to expand capabilities of our Free Telephony devices.

  • vicky

    hi.. oleg. i am doing my project in xbee with microcontroller 8051. Can you tell me, is it possible to interface. I just transmit and receiving the data, not more than that. If it is possible, then can you tell me how the xbee can interface with microcontroller 8051

  • sachein

    I’m currently working on a project involving xbee…where i’ll be using a co-ordinator xbee to communicate with 2 end-device xbees….i just want to operate a relay at the output of these 2 end-device xbees….the co-ordinator xbee receives input from a microcontroller… doubt is how to configure the co-ordinator xbee’s destination address so that it speaks with either of the xbee end-devices based on the input given to it…..?

    • sachein,

      In API mode, remote address is specified in every packet so you can define 2 packets and send them to coordinator Xbee as necessary.


      • sachein

        hi Oleg!
        thanks…ur help was very significant….But my knowledge on xbee is at scratch level and i’m learning to configure xbees only thro’ e-tutorials and video demos.So i’m still far away to understand ur answer….could u please be more simple like stepwise procedure or like that please…and also how could i use the microcontroller to choose between the 2 xbee end-devices..(i.e. how could the microcontroller tell the co-ordinator xbee to choose from the two xbees)…..i’m a final year engineering student from india and i need ur help on this to complete my project….thanks in advance!

  • Ali099


    I am trying to implement a wireless light switch using two Xbee modules and two pic18f26k20 microcontrollers based on the zigbee wireless protocol. I have looked at configuring the xbee’s using Xctu, but I am having problems figuring out how to create the C codes I will used for the microcontrollers. Please can someone help me out and advice me on how to go about gaining the knowledge to write the code for the microcontrollers to work with the Xbee modules ?

  • Santosh

    I want to build a RC helicopter and i am looking forward to Xbee as a wireless link to Arduino…
    I need some referance of Xbee as i am totally blank about it…
    Oleg can you suggest me a handy manual that can take me through all the aspects of Xbee…Almost everything…

  • Manuel

    Hi Oleg,
    I want to use xbee modules to transmit signal from 5 ECG sensors (end devices) placed in one room to one central module (coordinator) that will send this data to a PC and then draw the ECG signals. I need to sample the signal at 200Hz, my idea is to use a PIC with each end device in order to save the 200 samples in an array and every time the coordinator ask for data the 5 end devices would send the 200 samples in different time slots, eg: coordinator sends a “start” frame and the first end device sends the array while the second sensor waits for a 200ms before sending its array, the third end device will wait for 400ms and so on. My questions are:
    -Do I need the PICs or is it possible for the xbee to buffer the 200 values until it is told to send them?
    -If I don´t use the PIC, how do I tell the 5 end devices to send the data exactly when I want them to?
    I think using PIC would be easier and I would be able to have a better control of the network. I would really appreciate your opinion.

  • Manuel

    I forgot one important thing, I need it to be “real time”, that is I would send a start frame (broadcast) once per second and the 5 end devices should send their arrays before the new start frame arrives. After each end device sends the array it will continue sampling until it gets a new start frame.

  • Asad Kamal

    Hi oleg
    I want to send data typed on one module using a keypad and microcontroller to other using Xbee and display the data on the other module having an Lcd .can u suggest how to go about it.

  • sya

    i new with xbee..i want to send data from sn-hmd sensor using 8051 microcontroller through xbee. and the data will display at pc.can u give me suggestion about the c coding for xbee.

  • Karthik

    currently i am doing my final year project by using Xbee s2 for wireless communication.upto now i am successfully transmit and receive signals using at the receiver side i want to convert the received signal into another parameter by means of 8051 Mc and then displayed by means of LCD..
    for that i don know that much abt interfacing of Xbee with 8051 and then i want to know wat are the components needed for me.. can anybody help me!!

  • Tom Haswell

    I am also just starting to work with XBee modules. I purchased a book called Building Wireless Sensor Networks (ISBN: 978-0-596-80773-3) from SparkFun Electronics( and it seems to be very complete. I think it would be a great help to all of you. Good luck with your projects …….

  • fiberMan

    is there a file avalaible using proteus for this project or equivalent Xbee + PIC ?

  • HI Oleg,
    I want to work with X-Bee Wifi modules for setting up cognitive communication between the modules. So I request you to help me in this work by providing some material related to this work as u have more knowledge regarding X-Bee modules.

  • sharma

    Hi oleg,
    Plz provide me some basic materials that how to interface zigbee module with pic microcontroller.

  • Hi Oleg,

    Sorry I have to wipe the coffee off the keyboard after reading your last two replies 🙂

    Anyway, I’m really interested how you went from a prototype to such a clean board with the SMT PIC in the middle. Do you send your eagle files to a quick-run manufacturer and solder the SMTs yourself? My proto boards are downright ugly so a quick hint how you do it so nicely would be much appreciated.


  • mahmud

    can i program xbee using pic18f4550.i have no evaluation board